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Click on any website or email address  within the publication to be taken directly to that website or email address.

You can use the search tool to find certain words, numbers, etc. within the Pictorial Guide. For example: 3 Bd or

3 BD to search for all 3 bedroom houses.

This real estate guide can also be emailed or downloaded onto a computer to be viewed while off-line.

Please call or email for information regarding advertising rates, locations where the Real Estate Pictorial Guide can be picked up for free, or any other general questions about the real estate guide.


Mindy Huffer


CLICK HERE to view the Real Estate Pictorial Guide onlinehttp://www.globerealestateguide.com/April_May_2020/html5.htmlhttp://www.globerealestateguide.com/April_May_2020/html5.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0